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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog Via Blog Communities
October 21, 2011

Now my most successful blog so far is my personal blog, My Life in Sweden. Where I have learned that a good way to increase traffic and activity on that blog is by being an active participant myself on other peoples blogs. Meaning that when I visit other blogs I try to leave relevant comments and follow them in some form. Like through Google Friend Connect, Networked Blogs, Twitter or Facebook for instance. And by doing this I automatically create curiosity about who I am, hence visitors to my blog.

Of course it is important to make sure that you leave a trace to your blog on other blogs. Either by linking to your blog in the comment section or by having a link to your blog available in whatever profile you use when following or writing comments.

Now one great place to find blogs to be active on is via Blog Communities. Which is why I will share links to 3 Blog Communities in this post. These are of course Blog Communities that I currently use and that work well for me. So if the main reason you join a Blog Community is to increase traffic to your blog. Then I strongly recommend you to visit and be active on as many blogs as possible in these 3 Blog Communities. (Links lead to my profile in each Blog Community.)

1.Link has been removed.

2. Award Winning Voyeurism and Personal Journal Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory

3. Link has been removed.

And feel free to add/follow me in these communities, I always follow back. The same goes for this blog. If you follow me here via Google Friend Connect then simply leave a comment in the comment section saying that you have followed. This will make it easier for me to find you and return the favor. :-)

Good Luck!

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