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Advertising Options To Google Adsense
Post updtated February 2, 2013
January 24, 2013

Advertising Options To Google Adsense
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I have tried to use Google Adsense several times in the past and every time I have been banned without a valid reason, in my opinion anyway. Something which always happened as soon as I have started to make some money by the way. So finally I gave up and tried some other options instead. And in this post I thought I would share my experiences with two of these Google Adsense options.

Below are the two options I have tried, along with a recap of my experiences with them.

Adbrite basically works the same way as Google Adense does, I earned money based on impressions and clicks on targeted ads I installed on my website. I used Adbrite for a long time and did receive a check for about eight dollars, so they are reliable when it comes to making payments (no matter how small). The reason I stopped using them was because I did not feel like I earned enough money based on the ad space I gave them after a while. But Adbrite is a solid option to use if you are looking for an option to Google Adsense.

To sign up with Adbrite or to read more go to -->Adbrite

I used Bidvertiser both as an advertiser and publisher. I used it as an advertiser because you always get $20 in free clicks when you sign up with them, money I got into my advertiser account without having to spend a cent. Though I did have to connect my credit card, so be aware of how much you spend and pull your ads when you approach the end of the $20. Which is what I did and it was no problems.

When it comes to the publisher part, it worked OK. The ad code was easy to install and it showed OK ads as well. However, I did find that the ads slowed down my site from time to time - which I cannot stand. And that was the main reason I stopped to use them. This was several years ago though so it might be different now? Either way, I do think that Bidvertiser is a good option for Google Adsense and an easy way to get some free traffic with the $20 i free clicks they offer when you sign up as a new advertiser.

To sign up as an advertiser with Bidvertiser or to read more go to -->

To sign up as and publisher with Bidvertiser or to read more go to -->

If you have had any experiences with Google Adsense, Adbirte, Bidvertiser or have suggestions of similar advertising options, please feel free to share in the comment section.

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Important update!
February 2, 2013
I got an e-mail from Adbrite shortly after I published this post where they announced that they would shut down their service on February 1, 2013. So unfortunately they are no longer active. Therfore I have removed the link to their website in this post, but I will keep the review of my experience of their service because it was part of the original post. /A.L
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