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Excellent Way To Get Lots Of Free Retweets
August 14, 2012

I recently joined a site called TraffUp where you can get free retweets, free Twitter followers and/or free traffic to your website. Now the main reason I really like TraffUp is because it is not an exchange site, so you do not have to do a retweet to get a retweet. Instead you earn points by visiting other websites, follow folks on Twitter or retweeting and the points you earn you can then spend on whichever of these options you prefer - or all three. Another positive is that you decide yourself how many points you want to "spend" for each visit, follow or retweet. Very simple and effective.

Now I prefer to visit other websites to earn points and then spend them on Twitter followers and retweets. I spend about 15-25 points per follow or retweet and allow the retweeter to have a minimum of 50 followers, this works well for me. And in case you are curious to see if the retweet thing really works, just look at this post or my three previous posts:

- A Great Place To Find Free Images To Use On Your Website

- A Super Simple Way To See All Your Activity On Facebook

- How To Check If Your Photos Have Been Pinned On Pinterest

to see the number of retweets they have gotten.

To find out more or sign up at TraffUp click on the banner below (opens in a new window).

Get Free Traffic

Good Luck and Thank You for visiting!

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Get 100 Free Twitter Followers - No Strings Attached Free Traffic Tips
Get 100 Free Twitter Followers - No Strings Attached Free Traffic Tips
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