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Finally A Fast And Free Broken Link Check Tool For Websites
October 7, 2012

As I add more pages, and links - both inbound and outbound, to my websites I have found that it gets harder and harder to keep track of broken links on them. Which is why I am so happy to finally have found a fast and free Broken Link Check Tool that search and locate broken links on websites quickly.

Finally A Fast And Free Broken Link Check Tool For Websites
No more broken links. Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Now the particular Broken Link Check Tool I am talking about here is very easy to use, just type in the URL you want to have searched and it searches it for you - no registration needed. Another great thing about this Broken Link Check Tool is that when the broken link scan is complete it shows a list of all broken links, on which URL the broken links are located and where in the HTML code on that page each broken link can be found. All this information makes it very easy to find and remove/change/repair all broken links on each page.

The only negative I noticed when I used this Broken Link Check Tool was that I when I repeated the search to see if I had found all broken links - new ones were found. So because of this I also recommend to make a few broken link searches on the same website, both to make sure that there are no more broken links as well as to double check that all broken links have been repaired. But besides that, this Broken Link Check Tool works really well.

And a few reasons for why it is beneficial to keep one's website clean from broken links are, for one, that it give readers a more trustworthy impression when a link leads to where it is supposed to (instead of to a 404 page). Another reason why broken links are good to keep away is that valid links help search engines search and navigate through a website, hence bring in possible traffic from search engines. I also think that a website feels more clean and taken care of if all links on it work.

So, if anyone needs help to find broken links on a website? The free and fast Broken Link Check Tool that I have been talking about in this post can be found at brokenlinkcheck.com.

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