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Free Link Directory List
October 11, 2011

Now backlinks are important for many reasons. Like exposure, pagerank and traffic. And there are a lot of different ways to gain backlinks. But the most important thing I think you should keep in mind when building backlinks is to have a clear vision of what you expect from your backlink source. For instance when I add my URLs to Link Directories I do so more for the actual backlink than exposure and traffic. However when my URLs are featured in articles or blog posts, exposure and traffic are my main goals.

So in this post I will share links to some Free Link Directories with good PageRank that I have used mainly to gain backlinks. At least they had good PageRank when I checked and added my URLs a few weeks ago. Lately there seem to be a problem with the Google PageRank server, or whatever it is called. Because PageRank information cannot be fetched. Anyway, below is a list of 8 Free Link Directories.

Free Link Directories PageRank Info
FreeWebSubmission.com 6 Search Engine Submission
RSS Search 6 Reciprocal, Feed directory - Add your feed
ProLinkDirectory 5  
5 Reciprocal
Directory Storm 5 Account
OnTopList.com 5 Reciprocal + Account
Linkreferral 4 Also good source for traffic!

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