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Free Thumbnails For Websites
July 19, 2012

Free Thumbnails For Websites
Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

A free and easy to install widget that I use to display photo images of other websites on my websites, including this one, come from BitPixels. Now I have tried other free thumbnail services, like Thumbshots, but I do prefer BitPixels. Not that Thumbshots is bad or anything like that, but I like that BitPixels update their widget quickly if the displayed website in the thumbnail make changes. Another positive about BitPixels, in comparison to Thumbshots, is that if you have a Google account you can sign in with that to BitPixels, whereas you need to register a new account with Thumbshots.

Now it is very easy to install both the BitPixels and Thumbshots thumbnail code into your own website's code though. Simply copy and paste a small piece of code from BitPixels/Thumbshots to where you want to display the thumbnail on your website. Then simply replace the URL code in that code snippet with the URL you would like to display in the thumbnail and you are done. One thing I have noticed however is that even though I might not see the website image at once in the thumbnail, it does show up pretty quick as soon after I have uploaded the page onto the web.

Another reason why I prefer BitPixels over Thumbshots is that BitPixels offer three different sizes of their free thumbnails for you to use:

Size 200 pixels. Size 120 pixels. Size 100 pixels.

Thumbshots, on the other hand, only offer the size 120x90 pixels for their free thumbnails.

However, something both these services have in common is that they require you to put an attribution link onto all pages that display their free thumbnails. Now Thumbshots do offer a Premium service from $4.99 which you can use if you prefer not to paste their attribution link on all pages, BitPixels have no such option.

But, like I said in the beginning, I do still prefer and mainly use BitPixels on my websites. And this is because they update their thumbnail image quicker than Thumbshots, have more free thumbnail size options and do not require you to create an account with them if you have already have a Google account. Having said that, Thumbshots is an OK thumbnail service to use as well. And if you prefer not to have to paste an attribution link onto all pages where you have placed their thumbnails you have the opportunity with Thumbshots to do so with their Premium Service. So either way, both BitPixels and Thumbshots are indeed very useful free thumbnail services.

To find out more about BitPixels check out -->Website thumbnails provided by BitPixels

To find out more about Thumbshots check out -->Thumbnail Screenshots by Thumbshots

And feel free to leave comments below about your experiences with thumbnails.

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