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What Is A Blog Hop? - Explanation
September 16, 2012

What Is A Blog Hop? - Explanation
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A Blog Hop is a list where bloggers can add their blog's URL. The main purpose of a Blog Hop is for all bloggers on that list to visit each others blogs, follow, comment, share blog posts in social networks and so on. In other words, a Blog Hop is a way to find blogs as well as to gain visitors, followers and comments to your own blog.

Now there are many ways you can host a Blog Hop on your blog, many bloggers prefer to ask their Blog Hoppers to perhaps follow their blog, mention the Blog Hop in a post or put up their Blog Hop Button on their blog before you can join. Many bloggers also host a so called No Rules Blog Hops, which means that they do not require you to do anything before you can add your blog's URL to the Blog Hop. I personally prefer to join and host No Rules Blog Hops, rules just makes the whole thing so complicated I think. Although, as a sort of a thank you to the host of the Blog Hop I always follow the blogs where I join - even though I might not be required to.

And of course there are ways you can maximize your results of joining a Blog Hop. I always recommend, and do this whenever I participate in a Blog Hop, to visit other blogs on the list, follow and leave relevant comments on the blogs you like. Because usually you will get what you give in return. I mean most bloggers who join a Blog Hop want then same thing - visitors, follows and relevant comments on their blog. Which is really what I think a Blog Hop is all about.

Also, if anyone is curious on how to add a Blog Hop to your blog - it is very simple. Just sign up for free at In Linkz, follow the instructions on how to create and add a Blog Hop code and you are good to go.

Furthermore, to see how the Blog Hops I have hosted on My Personal Blog have turned out feel free to visit Blog Hops to see the results.

Happy Blog Hopping! :-)

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