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Why I Use A Free Feed Import Widget On My Websites
September 5, 2012

I recently discovered a great free feed import widget online, which I have now used for a while on two of my websites. This feed import widget picks up the latest posts on each of my websites and display the headline with a short description of those posts wherever I have installed the widget. Below here is an example of how the feed widget for my personal blog (ropcorn.com) looks like:

This is also the exact feed widget I have installed here on this blog's main page. Naturally you can style the widget however you like though. On ropcorn.com I have installed a feed widget which import the latest posts from this blog. And if you click on the headline of each post in the feed widget you will be transferred to the page of that post.

Now the main reason I find this widget very useful is because it allows me to show off the latest posts from one website on another one of my websites without any effort really, except the initial setting and installation of the widget of course - which was quite easy by the way. But by using this widget, hopefully people who visit one website might find a post interesting on the other website as well and continue on to that website for further exploration. So I see this widget as an easy way to connect and expose content from my websites on one another without much effort or maintenance, and so far it as worked out great. Which is why I continue to use and recommend it.

To find out more about the free feed import widget I use go to -->rssinclude.com

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